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Nearly everyone I spoke to had told me that Lima was a shithole, and most forum comments seem to back this up. The only people who seemed to have anything nice to say were people who actually lived there. But it seemed that overall for the passing tourist the place had little to offer. I did still intend to have a look around for myself though. However in the end it just didnĀ“t happen. First issue was that I was staying a bit out of the city centre near Miraflores at 'The Point' Lima. This was a nicer place to be, but further away from the city centre making it easy to forget all about it.
When I arrived I met some guys who had been at 'The Point' in Cusco; Mick and Paddy. They had left Cusco ages ago, so were making pretty slow time!! I ended up hanging out with these guys for pretty much the whole time I was in Lima, drinking beer and eating Chifa (Chinese in case you are wondering). I also got to meet up one last time with Alun who I had also met in Cusco. He was the king of "I'm leaving tomorrow" speeches. And it had taken him so long he rocked up to Lima one day before his flight left back home. He was not pleased about going back!
As I didn't really do anything Lima I have little to report so can neither confirm or deny that it is crap. The only thing I know for sure is that the girls there are even scarier than the full-time gringo hunters in Cusco! We hadn't even got in the bar and they were already flirting with the boys and giving me stares that I think I actually felt burning my skin!! At one point I thought I was going to get my eyes ripped out by a particularly crazy looking girl who Paddy was trying to get rid of. He had met her before, but wasn't too pleased about seeing her again so told her I was his girlfriend! She let out a screech of "HER!!!!!", and looked round the side of him at me. I thought I was done for! Paddy was clearly also scared for my well-being as he changed his story slightly so I wouldn't get ripped to shreads. Shortly after all of this I looked round to see all 3 guys I was with chatting to various girls, and thought it was propably time to get my coat.
The following day I had arranged to go to Trujillo with Mick and Paddy. Neither of them were around when I went to get my ticket so I just got one for me. Mick turned up a bit after lunch, but still no Paddy. Mick was trying to decide if he should wait for Paddy or leave without him. Luckily he turned up before that decision needed to be made and we headed off. We took an over night bus where we were treated to very load and terrible south american pop music, accompanied but a fat man snoring. Said fat man was right next to Paddy's head (who had just discovered his iPod was out of battery!), so when it all got to much Paddy would smack the man on the head to try and make him stop. Would work for a few seconds at least.
In Trujillo we headed for a beach town that we had heard was quite nice. It wasn't! Very dull looking beach and the same hazy cloud that covered Lima and refused to let any sun through. It was supposed to be a good place for surfing, but I wasn't even going to go near the beach to find out. Paddy had a go, but hurt his arm so that was an end to it. We tried to leave asap!
After Trujillo we headed up to Mancora - Peru's finest beach. Our bus arrived about 5 in the morning so we had to go on Lonely Planet's for somewhere to stay. Once again they proved why I never take Lonely Planets advice for somewhere to stay! They had discribed the place as a lively, fun party place with decent rooms. We found there to be no one there wanting to have any fun. They even closed the bar round us one night at about 9! And the rooms were rubbish. We had to share with cockroaches, mozzies and clearly at some point mice as Mick found some of their poo in his bed! Not only that but the guy working there actually made us sit on some horribly uncomfortable chairs for half an hour as check in was not allowed before 6! What a bastard! I was keen to move that day without actually spend a night in the place but we stayed because we had already paid.
On the beach we bumped into Mandy who we met briefly in Lima, and so we all spent the next couple of days together eating, drinking and beach bumming. We even bumped into Jarrod from Cusco as well, still merrily twisting his dreads.
After a couple of days in Mancora I headed of with Mandy on a mamouth bus journey all the way to Quito where we planned to try and get to the Galapagos. We left Mick and Paddy to try their luck with some local chicas without us gobby old English birds cramping their style...

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